Corona virus – COVID-19 update

Aimee’s WINE HOUSE Ltd and the covid-19 virus update. Both our stores have been continuing to trade. Undertaking as many preventative measures as possible – regular antibacterial cleaning of all our fridge and door handles, card machine and parcel scanners throughout the day, our staff are regularly encouraged to keep hands routinely washed to help reduce any chance of our customers, clients and staff of catching the covid-19 virus, strict one instore at a time policy, two metre markers instore from our counters. Our staff are also checked to make sure they are healthy to come to work.

We have a couple of high risk staff so urge anyone coming into store to remember this we are trying to stay open and provide a service to the community. So we have been urging customers to make either a delivery request or drive-by request (we will bring it out to your car boot). Remember only come out if necessary!!

Both can be made via email or via telephone Backwell- 01275 464591, stoke bishop 0117 9683702. Simply leave use you name, full address, telephone number and order and we will get back to you as soon as is possible.