Cocktail Making At Home:

Do you enjoy making cocktails at home? We have the spirit, the liqueurs, the fruit juices, syrups, fizzes and bitters to make almost any cocktail of your choice.


Give the internet shopping a rest, stop traipsing around trying to look for that special ingredient.! If you need a special drinks ingredient for your creation, just ask us and we’ll obtain it for you. We are your local pit stop for all your cocktail experimenting.

Here are a selection of what appears to be the most popular cocktail recipes with our regular customers.

Harvey Wallbanger
50ml/2fl oz vodka
orange juice, to top up
1 tbsp Galliano
1 orange slice, to garnish
1 cherry, to garnish
Pour the vodka into a highball glass and top up with orange juice.
Carefully add the Galliano to the top of the drink to create a separate layer.
Serve garnished with an orange slice and a cherry.

Brandy Alexander
1 measure brandy
1 measure crème de cacao
1 measure double cream
Chill a martini glass in the freezer. Add ice to a cocktail shaker. Pour in the brandy, crème de cacao and cream. Shake well and strain into chilled glass.

Long Island Iced tea

50ml vanilla vodka
50ml London dry gin
50ml reposado tequila
50ml rum
50ml triple sec
50-100ml fresh lime juice
500ml cola
2 limes, cut into wedges
Pour the vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec into a large (1.5l) jug, and add lime juice to taste. Half fill the jug with ice, then stir until the outside feels cold.
Add the cola then stir to combine. Drop in the lime wedges.
Fill 4 tall glasses with more ice cubes and pour in the iced tea.

We also sell bags of ice, cocktail sticks, paper straws, stirrers and cocktail umbrellas and we also provide free glass hire for events.*


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