We sell gamay grape wines, but not Savoie wines…


Gamay red wine – predominantly grown in Beaujolais France.

Beaujolais village at £9.99

to grand cru Fleurie, Brouilly and Regine. 11.99-14.99. There are 10 crus in total we stock about 3-4 at any one time.

Light, low tannin fruity red great with any kind of meal.


Savoie from the French alps. Produces very different wines high altitude, terroir is continental climate – with Mediterranean and alp influences, and a variety of soils… We dont currently stock any but will keep an eye out.

Yes we stock unoaked chardonnay.



Yes we stock more than the well known unoaked Chablis from France.

Above is our two most popular from Australia 8.99 and California 7.50

Also sierra grande from Chile 7.50.