Holiday memories

As we come back from our summer holidays and get back into our routines. It would be really nice to look back at some pictures and videos sipping on a drink from that great destination.
apparently these are the top places to visit in 2023
Dubai, UAE
Bali, Indonesia
London, UK
Rome, Italy
Paris, France
Cancun, Mexico
Crete, Greece
Marrakech, Morocco

Ok so some of these destinations are tricky, so here’s the ones we might be able to source.

London, UK – Nothing like going to the capital and being a tourist. Our London drink of choice a good London dry gin.
Why not if you havent tried Backwell’s own Gin £34.99

‘The term “London dry” does not refer to any particular place – London dry gins can be made in any country. The term “London dry” actually refers to a method of distilling gin.’


Rome, Italy – Lazio is a region in central Italy, and home to the ancient capital city of Rome. The region’s reputation is mainly based on its white wines, the mainstay grape varieties being Trebbiano, Malvasia di Candia and Malvasia Puntinata.

A fresh and bright white with citrus and green apple characters and crisp acidity. £7.99


Paris, France – The most romantic city in the world, Paris is a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy, and culture. So the closest wine region to Paris is Champagne.

Our best seller at only £23.99. This is a stylish dry wine, offering ripe fruit and a biscuity finish

Cancun, Mexico – Cancun is known for having one of the best places in the world for parasailing and jet skiing. With great beaches to relax and unwind.

his 38% alcohol tequila is aged to perfection, resulting in a smooth, smoky flavour with hints of wood, citrus, leather and tobacco £22.99 a great all rounder

Crete, Greece – Old towns, traditional villages and the Mediterranean Sea! We have some great Greek wines, and this fab Retsina as it should be!

The nose has herbal notes of rosemary and thyme. On the palate the characteristic pine flavours come through, yet they work with the Savatiano base to retain fresh, lemon citrus flavours. A complex wine with balancing acidity. £8.50

Happy reminiscing.